Address: Sukhe-Batora st., 17, Irkutsk, Irkutsk region, 664003 (you can find us, using 2Gis app and Google Maps)

Phone for communication: +7 (914) 937-95-67

E-mail: (response time up to 24 hours)

Coordinates for Navigator: 52.283660, 104.285998



Public transport in Irkutsk is developed and diverse. The average time from one point of Irkutsk to another is 10-20 minutes.


When you go by bus, try to follow simple rules: do not leave your documents in the pockets, prepare for exit in advance and if you go standing be sure to hold on to the handrails.

When you go by minibus, loudly tell the driver your stop prior to the right — so you will not pass. If you are not sure when your stop, ask the driver or passengers — they definitely will tell you.

Tram is the oldest form of public transport from existing to this day in Irkutsk. The tram stop is always announced — it will be easier to navigate on the road. During the winter it’s warmer inside the tram than inside the bus.

As a rule, any transportation fare is produced at the output or the conductor.

Usually it’s possible to catch public transport from 06:30 to 22:00.

The value of the fare is 15 rubles for all types of public transport in Irkutsk City.

Average time to catch the transport is 10-20 minutes.


Bus number 70

The minibus number, 16, 20, 64, 99

(to bus stop HUDOZESTVENY MUZEY), then - 5 min walking to the hostel)

By tram number 1, 2 (to stop the CENTRALNIY RYNOK, then - 15 min walking to the hostel)


By bus number 42, 43 (to bus stop SUKHE-BATOR), then - 5 min walking to the hostel)

By bus number 20 (to the stop GASTRONOM №1), then - 2 min walking to the hostel)


You can order a transfer by contacting us at least three days before.

Shuttle costs 800 RUB

We will meet you and help with your luggage.

To order we need information about what type of transport you gonna use to arrive to Irkutsk, the flight number, local arrival time, number of people.


In Irkutsk there is a large variety of taxi services. The most popular are described below:

Taxi "MAXIM"

Phone: +7 (3952) 500-600


Minimum rate: 140 RUB.

App for Android: Open in Playmarket

App for Apple: Open in Itunes

Taxi "Gett"

Minimum rate: 140 RUB.

App for Apple: Open in Itunes

App for Android: Open in Playmarket


Taxi "Yellow"

Phone: +7 (3952) 500-700


Minimum rate: 150 RUB (4 km + 10 min.)

*You can also catch a taxi outside the station or the airport. The cost of the taxi ranges from 300 to 500 rubles. Be extremely vigilant when considering these options of transportation, negotiate a price IN ADVANCE.